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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My (Simple) Wish List

I am a simple man.

I lead a simple life.

I have a simple wish list. Below is my wish list (random, not in any order of importance or priority):

1) I want to exercise three times a week. Preferably one badminton session, one jogging session and one swimming session.
2) I want to read at least a book every month.
3) I want to write and publish my blog post regularly and read my friend's blogs.
4) I want to spend more time with my family.
5) I want to call my mum who stays in my home town more often.
6) I want to do some gardening work every weekend.
7) I want to pick up new hobbies like photography and golfing.
8) I want to watch selected football matches over weekend.
9) I want to watch more Astro programs with my family such as Animal Planet, Axian and other documentaries.
10) I want to spend some time helping/teaching my kids in their studies.
11) I want to visit my friends more often.
12) I want to interact more often with my neighbours and be more active in community work.
13) I want to help my wife to tidy up our house to be always neat and tidy.
14) I want to perform reasonably well in my work and ensure my project is under good control.
15) I want to have quality leisure time occasionally such as a nice vacation away from city bustle.
16) I want to organize simple barbecue session with relatives/friends and enjoy some red wines occasionally.
17) I want my family to be happy.

These are my simple wishes. Some I have managed to do but some I have not. I will continue to simplify my lifestyle so that I could fulfil all of the wishes.

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G的全名是GL. 但愿GL = Good Life.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


画家, 让我羡慕.
画家, 以理想来生活, 没有世俗的铜臭.
画家的画, 道尽沧桑人世, 尽显变迁时代.
画家的画, 让我们在生活的旅程上, 得以让艺术熏陶我们的(迷失的)个性.

以上为吉华校友Choh Kiat Siong的画(是七十年代的街景吧), 让我们在百忙与百盲之中停下脚步歇一歇, 回亿儿时Old Town Trishaw Ride和在五脚基嘻戏的畅快吧.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


在澳门Venetian Casino Resort里遇见这位全白的真假人. 我们观察了许久, 他始终一动也不动, 无法断定他是真人或是假人.

小孩子们都在他面前试着逗他笑. 过了良久, 我终于看到他眨了眨眼. 再後来也看到他身体的动作, 才确定他是真人.

他的专业让我佩服. 却也觉得有点心酸, 试想想换着是我们或是我们的子女长时间一动不动来讨生活, 肯定不会很好受..........

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jack-Up Rig

For those who may have not seen a jack-up oil rig, this is the photo.

The jack-up rig that we see in the photo is being elevated (jacked up) using built-in rack and pinion system, for the purpose of joining the last sections of leg.

Jack-up rig is an interesting engineering structure as different engineering principles are involved in its design and construction.

Singapore is a world leader in the building of jack-up rig.

Monday, April 13, 2009





  1. 新鲜的空气与清凉的天气,
  2. 清澈的山水与瀑布,
  3. 从山上俯览米都的金黄色稻田,
  4. 在度假屋里煮食,听'mini compo',玩牌等等。





食物已在山上吃完,唯有吃糖果充饥(还记得吃的是Hudson糖果), 喝溪水解渴。



每当重游日莱峰, 我都想起这段经历.........

Friday, April 10, 2009



  1. 驾车从星嘉玻进入新山,经过乌鲁地南(Ulu Tiram)和哥打丁宜(Kota Tinggi),再往迪沙鲁(Desaru)的方向行驶就可到达。

  2. 从Changi Village坐木船到Pengerang Jetti, 再转坐的士就可到达四湾岛(Sungai Rengit).

  3. 从Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal 乘渡轮到 Tanjung Belungkur Ferry Terminal,再转坐的士就可到达。



度假者可到迪沙鲁胜地或Sebana Resort过夜, 打高尔夫球, 沙滩野餐, 或饮酒聊天等.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Generation Gap

My mum's childhood: around 1940s.
My childhood: around 1970s.
My kids' childhood: now - 2000s.
The time gap between each generation is approximately 30 years.

My mum's childhood life was bad as the Japanese invaded our country and war broke out. It was chaotic everywhere. For better food supply, my mum, her sister and her mum (my grandmother) moved to Kedah from Johor. Kedah was famous for it's padi field hence easier to get rice supply.

My childhood life was not so bad. The country, after gaining independence in 1957 had achieved good progress and reasonable development. Other than the racial riot in 1970, the country in general was safe and peaceful.

My kids' childhood life is good. The country has progressed further and all races live in harmony. Globalization also ensure goods from oversea are easily obtainable here. Other than the recently dramatic sagas in local political arena, life is in general good and peaceful.

My mum did not go through proper formal education. The education system was bad and most people could not afford it. Through some night classes (not sure who organized this) she managed to pick up Mandarin hence is able to read Chinese newspaper. She had no chance to learn Malay and English language though.

I had the chance to go through full primary, secondary and tertiary education. The education system was commendable and it was quite common for the general public to attend to formal school. However I did not have any pre-school education as it was not common. The first tuition class I attended was when I was in secondary school.

My kids now, aged 9 and 3, both attended ( the younger one still attending) pre-school education. The elder sibling attended K1 and K2 before she was enrolled into the Primary school. The younger sibling is attending nursary school now at the tender age of 3. Tuition classes become almost compulsory now even for primary school students.

My mum started working at a young age. Infrastructure was bad. There was no entertainment like TV and radio. Cars were far too unaffordable.

Other than some part time job during long school holiday, I did not need to work to support the family. The infrastructure was not bad. There were radio, black and white TV and house phone later on. My dad/mum owned a small car. We got to go places like cinema and super market.

My kids nowadays get to enjoy good infrastructure. The entertainment available is varied and awsome. There are gameboy, PS3, Wii, LCD TV, blue-ray disc player, iPod, computers, sophisticated hand phone. Cars are affordable and shopping malls can be seen everywhere.

The difference between each generation is that distinct. Imagine what would be the childhood lifestyle of my grand children approximately 30 years from now......










Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life's Little Pleasure

A simple birthday party at home can be life's little pleasure.

A small but cute birthday cake chosen together with my 9-year-old sweet heart for her mum is all it takes for a warm and sweet candle light birthday celebration.

Candles, a few bottles of Vitagen, some chocolates and sweets, together with birthday song and wishes complete the joyous and pleasant moment.

Amidst our busy lifestyle, spending some quality time with family will definitely reinforce the bond between family member.

After all, FAMILY means Father And Mother I Love You.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ten Most Important Things in Life

Today I wish to share my thought on what are the most important things in life (in order of importance):

(1) Health
Without health and fitness, we cannot live a good life and all other things become meaningless.

(2) Conscience (Integrity, honesty, peace loving, fairness etc.)
Conscience will ensure we have the right values that govern what we do and act and the results of our action will determine whether or not our life is good.

(3) Wisdom
Wisdom will ensure we set the right priority in life and lead a good and fulfilling life.

(4) Happiness
Happiness is what we all want. Happy life is good life.

(5) Family (Love, care, share, respect, appreciate, compassion, responsible)
Without love of family, life will be a lonely journey and incomplete.

(6) Social/friend (Love, care, share, respect, appreciate, compassion, responsible)
Without friendship and social life, life will be still lacking of something and bored.

(7) Achievement/Satisfaction (Discipline, perseverance, attitude, contribution, knowledge etc.)
This will give us sense of satisfaction and hence happiness such as winning a competition and receive award/recognition in the field of interest.

(8) Knowledge
Knowledge is required for us to surpass our own achievement, time and again

(9) Enjoyment / Excitement (eat, play, hobby, leisure, recreation, intimate moment with loved one etc.)
Add the little joy and pleasure in life.

(10) Material possession & pleasure (money, big house, luxury lifestyle etc.)
This is the last in my list but it is still important as the topping of a good life.

Point to ponder:

Money is the least important of the ten most important things in life. But yet with adequate money, it can enhance our health (ensure proper health care, health supplements, suitable medical treatment etc.); it can ensure our family's needs are taken care of; it can finance our social activities; it can ensure certain degree of happiness; it can help us in acquiring of knowledge through education, attending talks etc.; it can provide for leisure, recreation time etc.; it can buy us material possession and pleasure. In summary, money helps in seven of the ten most important things in life.

Let's all set our life priorities right and lead a balance life. Cheers for LG.

Life's Sayings

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life, it goes on. (Robert Frost)

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. (Winston Churchill)


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