Monday, August 30, 2010

动情 (Intimate Moment)





Saturday morning, I woke up early and went for a half-an-hour jog in my neighborhood park.

After the morning jog, I felt fresh for the rest of the day and managed to find time to shoot some macro photographs, had breakfast out with my family, had some shopping, attended to my little aquarium that started to get messy, read some photography books and played with my kids, all done in a relaxed mood.

The new discovery during the photography session was the intimate affair of bugs, where I found two crane flies having their private moment, one on top of the other, and they clearly were enjoying the time.

In the other side of the park, two fire ants were moving in the opposite direction and met each other. They must have not met for very long time. Their kissing was so intense until my camera could not freeze their motion.

I think it must be mating season for the bugs…….

Thursday, August 26, 2010

梦 (Dream)





Everyone has dreams. Everything that we long for but beyond our reach can become reachable in our dreams. It may be unreal, but until we wake up, they all are so real.

In life, if you have a dream, do not try to wake up. As long as you continue to dream on, the dream may come true one day. Life with dreams is much more interesting than life without dreams. Of course, you need to take actions and efforts in realizing your dreams.

Not all dreams will come true though. But never mind, as long as we try, we should be better off in the end compared with passing our days without any dream. And the process, the work and the effort that we put in along the way all make our life filled with passions and much more meaningful.

Monday, August 23, 2010

蜻蜓 (Dragonfly)





During my childhood days, dragonfly and damselfly could be easily seen around our living place. As a child, I like to watch them flying around the ditch near our house. Sometimes, we would catch them one in each hand, hold them face-to-face and see them touch and interact with each other.

As we grow up and the country develops, I almost had forgotten these childhood friends until I picked up macro photography recently. The beautiful photos of dragonfly and damselfly in the magazines rekindle the thought of further encounters with these little playmates.

This Sunday morning when I had a walk in the park with my camera, I saw this dragonfly resting on a plant hence I stopped and took some photographs of her. She seemed to be happy meeting her old friend and stayed quiet throughout for me to take proper shots.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

有其父必有其子(Like Father Like Son)




Ever since I picked up the interest in DSLR photography, I have spent quite some time on activities related to photography such as shooting, reading photography magazines and viewing, organizing and editing photographs in front of computer screen.

My previous Panasonic Compact camera somehow ended up with my two young children. When I go shooting outdoor, they occasionally join me and I leave it to their own creativity to shoot whatever they feel like shooting. Surprisingly even my 4-year-old son is able to operate the camera by focusing, zooming in and out, then view them later on and is clearly very satisfied with what he took. Shooting from the perspective of a child without following any composition rule sometimes yields refreshing and creative result, at least to the father.

My daughter was trying to take a close-up shot of a water droplet after rain but failed to get a clear image. After explanation she more or less understand that a macro lens and a tripod is required for a clear image of water droplet.

Update 20-August-2010: Photo shots from my little ones for sharing as suggested by Silent Moments.

Monday, August 16, 2010






For macro photography, it is recommended to use a tripod for sharp images. However, sometimes the tripod may be inconvenient or not available hence we are forced to capture the subject hand held.

For hand holding shots, I normally use the widest aperture available (f2.8 on my macro lens), and try out a few ISO settings up to 3200 so that I can get a shutter speed fast enough to overcome my shaky hand and moving objects. From the few shots taken I then can choose the more satisfactory shots and delete the unusable ones.

High ISO yields some noise to the image and wide aperture leads to narrow depth of field hence part of the object will be blurry. These are the compromises I have to take so as not to miss the shots completely.

I guess we sometimes face similar situation in life, if we are too choosy and refuse to compromise we may end up missing the opportunity completely. An individual judgment may make the difference between a successful capture and a totally missed opportunity.

Friday, August 13, 2010

小仙女 (Fairy Tale)







It was early in the Sunday morning, I spotted some very tiny dewdrops under a small branch of a papaya tree opposite my house. I set up my tripod and focus on the dewdrops to capture the freshness and beauty they exhibit.

The dewdrops under the morning sun looked stunning. I was totally amazed, and felt as if I had entered into the reflection in the dewdrops.

The scene was wonderful, with flora and fauna surrounded me. The dewdrops turned into fairies and walked around with me. One of them even called my name. Do you know me? I asked.

Yes, we all know you, your family and your friends. We are always around wherever you go. However, we transform from time to time and you may have not noticed our existence.

When you breathe, you draw in the air and we are there in the form of moisture. At night when the atmosphere cools down, we transform into dews and we rest on the surfaces of plants, grass and flowers. When the sun comes up and the temperature rises, again we evaporate into the form of moisture and we move around with the air. We’re always there wherever you are.

Do you mind I take some photographs of you? I asked.

We would love to. We will put on our most sparkling dress and the most graceful pose for you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

蜘蛛结网 (Spider Web)




I took some macro shots of a spider and its new web this morning, and this reminded me of the phylosophical story of the spider's making the web.

Blogger Ryan posted the poem that tells the legendary story of how "The Bruce," Robert I, King of Scotland, after six successive defeats by the English armies, was a fugitive in a lonely cave, and there saw a spider try six times to cast his thread from one beam to another and succeed on the seventh try. Bruce took courage from the spider's perseverance, fought a seventh time, and won.

I could recall that in my childhood day I had read about similar story about the spider. While the spider had to try many times until it successfully make a tough web for survival, there is no difference in our life, we need similar determination and perseverance to succeed in our endeavor.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

户外活动(Active Lifestyle)





In the old days before civilization, men had to constantly and actively move around in search of dwelling and food. As we became more civilized, we have more time for rest, leisure and relaxation.

This is a positive change as long as we have a balanced lifestyle. I believe that too much internet surfing/ gaming, too much television time etc. and too little outdoor activities, over a long run, can be very harmful to our body and health.

With a reasonably active lifestyle, we feel fresh, less tired and constantly rejuvenated. Personally I’ll try to find time to go for badminton game, swimming, jogging, gardening, outdoor photography and helping in house work.

Hopefully I can maintain reasonable fitness and active mind in the process of aging.

Monday, August 2, 2010

模糊 (Blur)





The photographs here were taken with the aperture set to the widest and using auto focus. My objective was to get some photographs having a mixture of sharp and blur images, and hoping that the morning sun will help in forming some nice bokeh with the out-of-focus light.

In general I am quite satisfied with the final images even though I think that if there was heavy dews in that morning before I took the photograph, the images should have been better.

I started to appreciate photographs having combination of sharp and out-of-focus areas more and more. In fact, our life could be better if we do not distinguish too much about who is wrong and who is right, instead we can walk through the journey of life with our loved ones, enjoying the nice scenery along the way.

Life's Sayings

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life, it goes on. (Robert Frost)

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. (Winston Churchill)


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